Why do people complain about Salary?

Nowadays as recession is becoming the thing of the past, often people come to me and tell me that their salaries should be increased; the company is paying salaries less than the market; or they don’t take care of the staff that has spent more years with them and take them for granted. I was a bit surprised on all these statements as I was not hearing them during recession and people were silent so as to keep their jobs safe. At that time no one came and said that company needs money at this time of crisis so we should do x or y thing to help it out. Why?

Well, I don’t want to get into that debate, but I just wanted to list down my three thoughts on the questions that are asked to me.

#1 No company can satisfy anyone in terms of salaries. I myself am not satisfied with my current take home and I know it very well that if I make a move to join another competitor who often calls me up, I will easily get atleast 50% or more hike. Whenever you switch jobs, most of the time you get better salary as compared to your current one. So that is not a good argument to get a raise. This is the fact.

#2 Look at the history of the company too. How did it behave during good times? Was everyone given a good raise when the time was ripe? If yes, just wait for the time to be ripe again. When the projects, revenue goes up, you will again be given good share from that.

#3 No company wants to loose its good employees. So if you have a misconception that as you are old so company has started taking you for granted, then you are totally WRONG. If they are not able to retain or increase the salaries, then there might be another thing going in the background that you or me might not be aware of. Apart from salaries, companies often needs to spend X amount of money for growth and sustenance. Spending cannot be more than the earnings. If it is, then they will not be able to sustain and everyone will be jobless. You are and will be always an important member of the organization irrespective of the fact that company is able to retain you or not.

Even if after this people don’t understand and don’t believe, I think it is better to let them go!