Why…Test Automation?

Spending hours in test execution is cumbersome,
Manually executing each testcase is not done.
Efforts if calculated, in this activity are huge,
Total testing time also needs to get reduce.

Test Automation is the key to this situation,
That means executing scripts again and again,
Without manual intervention.

So many tools are available in this category,
You can easily select one,
Based on your requirement and budgetary.

Record-Play and Framework are popular in automation,
Where Record-Play comes with huge maintenance,
A robust Test Framework is the final destination.

It’s me!… A BUG

When developer missed something, I was born.
When developer fixed something, I was born.
When reviewer neglected something, I was born.
And when functionality does nothing, I was born.

I was born with so many types…
At times I am critical, at times I am time-pass.
I was in disguise and could not be caught,
Until a tester finds me and I was just draught.

Though I was the same but now got a status and a name,
I am lying at developer’s task queue,
I know I will either die or grow.
But if I live, I make everyone sway.